Congratulations on Shenyuan's successful participation in Shanghai special steel exhibition

2021-04-26 09:33:55

The "2020 China International Special Steel Industry Exhibition and China International Metallurgical Equipment Industry Exhibition" jointly held by China Special Steel Enterprises Association and Hannover Milan Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. made a new appearance in Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 3 to November 6.

Shenyuan group is honored to be invited to participate in this activity. The foreign trade department and marketing department of the company jointly do a good job in the preliminary data docking and sample preparation. On November 2, the relevant personnel arrived in Shanghai ahead of time to make the final layout for the next day's exhibition. The booth is bright and novel, with a strong sense of the times. We showed some samples of the company's products at the activity site. In line with the vision of building an international well-known high-quality special steel enterprise, the group implements the competitive strategy of "high quality, multiple steel grades and customization". Through concept innovation, technology innovation, product innovation and service innovation, we can meet the needs of customers and fully expand the domestic and foreign special steel industry market.

During the exhibition, the series of products displayed by our company attracted many exhibitors, and the staff always communicated with you with full enthusiasm and patience. The features and advantages of the products were displayed incisively and vividly under the professional explanation of the staff. After having a certain understanding of the products, the Chinese and foreign friends at the venue expressed great interest in our products, Many customers have carried out detailed consultation on site, hoping to have in-depth cooperation through this opportunity. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been a frequent event in the world. In the special period after the new crown pneumonia outbreak, we should show our corporate identity and brand as well as protect ourselves. Modern exhibition is no longer a place to sell and buy products in a simple sense. It has rapidly developed into a center for communication and information acquisition. Participating in the exhibition has become an important part of the whole market development of enterprises.

This is not only a feast for the industry, but also a harvest trip.

Thank you for your active participation and support!

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