Work with the experts and technicians of Simak company to open the box, inspect and count the high speed wire rod finishing mill imported by our company

2021-04-26 09:43:50

From January 30, 2019 to January 3, 2020, the equipment and energy department and the hot rolling plant of the company went to ximak Engineering (China) Co., Ltd., located in Minhang, Shanghai, together with experts and technicians of ximak company, to carry out open box inspection, inspection and inventory of the original imported high-speed wire rod finishing mill of our company.

This batch of finishing mills produced by ximak company are the main key equipment imported by the company in 2013 to prepare for the construction of high-speed wire rod project, including roller box, cone box, etc., with a total of 187 pieces packed in 16 wooden cases. Later, the high-speed wire rod project was suspended due to the change of situation, which led to the idle storage of these imported finishing mill equipment. In 2018, the company was ready to start using these equipment. Although Simak company had sent personnel to the company for inspection, considering other factors, it did not do the open box inventory, and did not know the specific situation of corrosion, rubber ring aging, delivery quantity and so on. This time, together with the experts and technicians of ximak company, they worked overtime and did not rest on New Year's day. They opened the boxes one by one, counted, checked, recorded and registered each piece. The inspection results showed that the packaging was standard and in good condition; The equipment is free of corrosion; The quantity of spare parts is correct. This work has laid a good foundation for the next step of equipment maintenance.



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