The upgrading of internal combustion engine industry has a great impact on the gas valve steel industry

2021-04-16 20:26:41

In recent years, the rapid opening of the Chinese internal combustion engine manufacturing industry will greatly boost the demand of special steel for internal combustion engines. At the same time, the new demands of energy saving and emission reduction, high efficiency and cleaning of the internal combustion engine industry in China also require the quality of the products of the gas valve steel production company to meet. Moreover, the opening of the new generation of internal combustion engine products and the industrial upgrading of the internal combustion engine also put forward new demands for the gas valve steel products.

The prospect of gas valve steel shopping mall is vast

Internal combustion engine is the leading power equipment of transportation, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, fishery ship, national defense equipment, geological and petroleum drilling machine, sightseeing sports equipment, garden machinery and various general machinery. The internal combustion engine industry is an important basic industry. According to the opening plan of the 12th Five Year Plan of the internal combustion engine industry in China, the annual output of internal combustion engine products is increased by 6% - 8% annually, the total output of the whole working industry is increased by 8% - 10% and the economic benefit is increased by 10% - 15% annually.

In 2013, the production and sales of internal combustion engines in China were outstanding. According to the latest data of China internal combustion engine industry association, in August last year, the sales volume of internal combustion engines in China was 4.854 million (including 106 companies and national motorcycle engine data), with an increase of 5.1% year-on-year, and a total of 40977900, with a cumulative increase of 6.32% year-on-year. Compared with the previous year, the work mall has been steadily rising, and the demand for car shopping malls has increased greatly to the overall work mall, the association said. The data released by China Automobile Industry Association has flashed. From January to September last year, the automobile production and sales volume were 15938400 and 15883100 respectively, adding 12.78% and 12.70% respectively, respectively, up 0.42% and 0.89% compared with the previous 8 months, and the automobile shopping mall showed a trend of two prosperity in production and sales.

Industry insiders introduce that air valve steel is used to manufacture the inlet and exhaust valves of gasoline engine and diesel engine, and is also the key material in the whole engine, and it is very important in the field of traffic power machinery. The production of valve steel is a professional field in the production of special steel, and the working conditions are relatively bad. Usually, staff are required to work under the conditions of high temperature, high pressure, high erosion and high abrasion. At the same time, the user also has high demand for the function of the valve steel, basically reaching the requirements of high thermal strength, good thermal hardness, high fatigue strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. According to the structure characteristics of the gas valve steel, the gas valve steel is mainly divided into three categories: Martensitic Valve Steel, austenite valve steel and high temperature alloy. At the time, the most used is the austenite valve steel, whose demand continues to be added with the continuous opening of the internal combustion engine industry, and the market prospect is very broad.

The demand of emission reduction of internal combustion engine to improve the quality of valve steel

At the 12th Five Year Plan, the Chinese internal combustion engine industry will continue to open, not only will the demand for the gas valve steel for internal combustion engine increase, but also raise higher demand for product quality.

Industry insiders pointed out that the overall planning advantages of China's internal combustion engine industry are not excellent, the output is large but the benefit is not high, the manufacturing system level is uneven, and the overall level is not high. Therefore, at the 12th Five Year Plan, the Chinese internal combustion engine industry takes energy saving, emission control and efficient and clean use of alternative fuels as one of the key points.

In early 2013, the general office of the State Council proposed that the energy-saving internal combustion engine products accounted for 60% of the total domestic combustion engine product ownership by 2015. Compared with 2010, the fuel consumption rate of internal combustion engines decreased by 6% - 10%, the fuel oil consumption of the products was 20 million tons, the carbon dioxide emission was reduced by 62 million tons and the nitrogen oxide emission was reduced by 10%, Alternative fuel is used to save 15million tons of fuel oil; The domestic and large-scale production and manufacturing equipment of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection engine and its parts are completed; Establish policies, regulations and standards system for energy conservation and emission reduction of internal combustion engine products.

The new change of work demands that the gas valve steel products can meet the new demand of energy saving and emission reduction of internal combustion engines. At the same time, there are still some gaps between the special steel used in China and the developed countries in terms of variety and function, as well as the demand comparison with the internal combustion engine. According to the conclusion and comparison between the latest Chinese standard of valve steel and the trademark of the commonly used gas valve steel in the national table, the opening of the steel is at the international level.

Industry insiders pointed out that the precision of hot rolling mill of China special steel company is low and the rolling material error is large. It is impossible to select the first production skills of finishing rolling straightening polishing as abroad. Only the production skills of hot rolling cold drawn sizing straightening polishing can be selected. The cost of 45cr9si3 gas valve steel is relatively high. Therefore, at the time, the exhaust valves of internal combustion engines with low load such as agricultural vehicles in China and some intake valves of medium and high load internal combustion engines were still many of 42cr9si2 and 40crl0si2mo.

New issues of China gas valve steel in the future

In recent years, due to the increase of exhaust temperature and the high-functional opening of the engine, the engine valve is required to further advance the heat resistance strength and further lightweight. In order to meet these needs, some Japanese steel mills have opened and announced a variety of materials other than JIS standard and reached practical standards. In order to lighten, some engine valves are not heat-resistant steel or heat-resistant alloy, but titanium alloy materials are selected; In terms of manufacturing skills, the center of the valve is hollow by drilling. In addition, new skills such as cold forging valve with low cost are being discussed and promoted to practical direction.

At that time, the work of internal combustion engine in China has been put forward to contact the national power medium and long-term opening strategy, and to contact with the opening plan of electronic industry, equipment manufacturing industry, metallurgical industry, petrochemical industry and other related industrial fields. Therefore, the research on the ways and effects of new materials in internal combustion engines has been established in the work of internal combustion engines in China. The trend of the application of new alloy cast iron, molybdenum nodular iron replaced by tin, new aluminum silicon alloy, aluminum magnesium alloy material, powder metallurgy and other new materials in the internal combustion engine products is on the rise, and the application of new materials in internal combustion engines is opened, On the premise of ensuring the stability and progress of the policies of power, economy, environmental protection and reliability of internal combustion engine products, the consumption of rare precious metals in China will be reduced, the cost of manufacturing will be reduced, and the opening demand of new generation of internal combustion engine products will be met and used to. Therefore, the new demand of these work has put forward new research and development issues for air valve steel to China special steel production company.


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